The Russian - American population in the United States is estimated at nearly

                    2.9 million people

It is the second largest ethnic market, making up 10.4% of 28.4 million foreign born people in the country.

States with the highest concentration of the Russian-American population:
   New York Tri-State area 24% (approx. 696,000 people)
   California 17% (approx. 493,000 people)
   Illinois 16% (approx. 464,000 plus people)

Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, and other Eastern European communities speak Russian, which makes the Russian speaking community the second largest segment of the foreign born US population, which is estimated at 5 million people.
64% are married with an average of 1.6 children per family.
57% are homeowners (compared to 41% for all US foreign born)
Average Annual Household Income is $87,500.
27.4% have an income of $100,000 or higher.
63% of the population hold a bachelor's degree or higher.
82.3% have a High School Diplomas (compared to 67% for all foreign born population).
The inclination of this second largest foreign-born market segment towards higher education and high-paying employment ultimately leads to higher readership.
Age average
The median age is 32.5 years (compared to 38.1 years for all foreign born).
33.8% are 55 years old and over
57.6% are 25-54 years old
8.6% are 0-24 years old
As an educated community, Russian-Americans focus more on business ownership and post-collegiate work, which results in higher-paying employment.
67.5% hold managerial, technical and sales occupations (compared to 45.6% within these same areas for all foreign-born).
21.4% are employed in service occupations (compared to 31.2% for all foreign-born).
11.9% are employed as operators, fabricators and/or laborers (compared to 18.7% for all foreign-born).

*Sources: Ameredia study Integrated Multicultural Marketing, US Census Bureau, 2000

Chicago's top 10
Buffalo Grove 18.7%
Highland Park 18.2%
Deerfield 16.1%
Glencoe 14.4%
Northbrook 14.3%
Glenview 13.8%
Skokie 11.6%
Vernon Hills 9.1%
Wheeling 8.9%
Wilmette 7.2%

Top Russian Populated Suburbs in ChicagoLand